Saturday 30 September Registration open from 18:00
Sunday 1 October 2006
Morning: Visit to Modane Underground Laboratory
Afternoon Session 1 Screening facilities
14:00 Welcome  
14:10 American facilities, status of DUSEL (25') Priscilla Cushman (Univ. of Minnesota)
14:40 European Underground Laboratories and ILIAS(25') Fabrice Piquemal (CENBG, Bordeaux)
15:10 SNOLAB-Design and Status of a New Underground Laboratory (25') Richard Ford (SNOLAB)
15:35 Questions and discussion (15')  
  Coffee break  
Afternoon Session 2 Neutron and muon induced background, Isotope production
16:00 Neutron backgrounds (20') Vitaly Kudryavtsev (Univ. of Sheffield)
16:25 Neutron background measurements at the Modane Underground Laboratory (20') Evgeny Yakushev (JINR, Dubna)
16:50 Muon induced signals and Isotope production in GERDA (20') Luciano Pandola (Gran Sasso)
17:15 Measurement of the cosmogenic 11C background with the Borexino Counting Test Facility (20') Davide Franco (Univ. of Milano)
17:40 Passive shielding in CUORE (20') Fabio Bellini (Univ. of Roma)
18:00 Questions and discussion (20')  
Monday 2 October 2006
Morning Session 3 Low background counting techniques and low background detectors
9:00 Gamma spectrometry with Ge detectors (50') Philippe Hubert (CENBG Bordeaux)
9:55 Low background counting techniques-status and outlook (20') Matthias Laubenstein (Gran Sasso)
10:20 Coffee break  
10:45 Identification of Photon Induced Background events with segmented Germanium detectors in the Germanium Detector Array designed to search for neutrinoless double beta decay (20') Iris Abt (MPI Munich)
11:10 The Bi-Po detector for ultralow radioactivity measurements (20') Mathieu Bongrand (LAL Orsay)
11:35 Surface event screening with Beta Cage (20') Richard Schnee (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland)
12:00 Germanium spectrometry in GERDA: the NPL intercomparison study (20') Budjas Dusan (MPI Heidelberg)
12:20 Questions and discussion (20')  
Afternoon Session 4 Techniques for Radon reduction, purified noble gases and liquid scintillator purification
14:00 Purification of liquid scintillator for SNO+ (20') Mark Chen (Queen's University)
14:25 Status of the purification at Kamland (20') Fabrice Piquemal (CENBG Bordeaux)
14:50 Radon reduction facility and Radon measurements at the Modane Underground Laboratory (20') Abdel Nachab (CENBG Bordeaux)
15:15 A novel low background cryogenic detector for Radon (20') Grzegorz Zuzel (MPI Heidelberg)
15:40 Ultrapure gases: from the production plant to the laboratory (20') Hardy Simgen (MPI Heidelberg)
16:00 Questions and discussion (20')  
  Coffee break  
Afternoon Session 5 Low levels on Pb/Bi/Po-210 and surface background
16:45 Surface event identification in the Edelweiss Ge bolometers (20') Xavier-François Navick (CEA Saclay)
17:10 Surface activity reduction in CUORE (20') Marisa Pedretti (Univ. dell Insubria)
17:35 Behavior of the 222Rn daughters on the copper surface during cleaning (20') Marcin Wojcik (Krakow)
17:55 Questions and discussion (20')  
Evening Dinner banquet
Tuesday 3 October 2006
Morning Session 6 Low radioactivity detector components and material purification
9:00 Background study for solar neutrino measurement in SuperKamiokande (20') Hiruyi Sekiya(Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo)
9:25 Status and background considerations of XMASS experiment (20') Yeonduk Kim (Sejong Univ.)
9:50 CANDLES for the study of 48Ca double beta decay and low radioactivity CaF2 crystals (20') Tadafumi Kishimoto (Osaka Univ.)
10:15 The COBRA Double Beta Decay Experiment (20') Jaime Dawson (Univ. of Sussex)
10:40 Electroformed copper at Canfranc Underground Laboratory (20') Silvia Borjabad (Univ. of Zaragoza)
11:00 Questions and discussion (20')  
11:30 Poster session  
Afternoon Hiking to the mountains
Wednesday 4 October
Morning Session 7 Low radioactivity techniques in other applications
9:00 Application of low background gamma spectrometry techniques to sign the geographical origin of food-products (20') Frederic Perrot (CENBG Bordeaux)
9:25 Low background environmental activities at the Institut de Radioprotection et Surete Nucleaire, IRSN (20') Rodolfo Gurriaran (IRSN Orsay)
9:50 Findings of archaeological lead in Ukraine (20') Andriy Nikolayko (Institut for Nuclear Research, Kiev)
10:15 Dating of wine and radioactivity (30') Philippe Hubert (CENBG, Bordeaux)
Morning Workshop summary and discussions